The national metrology institute of the Netherlands, VSL, relates the measurements of companies, laboratories and institutions throughout the world directly to international standards. A crucial factor for all technological developments.

0.000 000 001 of a metre

Innovation is impossible without precise measurements. Thanks to the very precise measurements of VSL, high-tech companies are able to innovate. Without measurements a smartphone’s chip and battery would never have enough power to make the calculations necessary to give you an answer to your question in no time. For the development of the smart grid, in which energy is supplied from different sources, real-time and highly precise measurements in the energy grid are essential to prevent power failure.

International collaboration

VSL develops the national metrology standards of the Netherlands with scientific precision. These SI units, like the second and the pressure measurement standard, provide an essential link for developments in industry. By working internationally with research centres, universities and end users, VSL helps to realise innovative engineering, varying from medical applications to biofuels.

Metrology in society

The high-quality reference materials of VSL ensure optimum quality control for chemical processes, measuring emission values and correct coating thicknesses, among other things. Police breathalyser equipment also uses the gas references supplied by VSL for the precise alcohol check measurements.

Improved radiotherapy

Ionising radiation is used in the treatment of cancer to render malignant cells (tumours) harmless. The dosage of radiation and the exact location at which the radiation is targeted are two vital factors in determining the success of the treatment. VSL designs and develops the methods that enable these highly precise measurements.

Impact: The national metrology institute (NMI) of the Netherlands

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