Within FDI as valorisation platform, the core themes are healthcare, energy transition and climate change.

10+ Companies

Turnover €100 MLN+

Staff 500+

FDI (First Dutch Innovations) is a Joint Venture between the internationally renowned research institute TNO and First Dutch, owned by the successful entrepreneur Peter Goedvolk. In this unique joint venture, entrepreneurship and knowledge about valorisations are combined. The main objective of FDI is to stimulate innovation and employment in the innovative sector in the Netherlands.

Under FDI, innovative and technologically advanced companies are brought together from a variety of industries. Our goal is to bring innovation and entrepreneurship together in an open atmosphere. Through close cooperation with knowledge institutions in the Netherlands, FDI wants to strengthen and accelerate the development of innovative companies and bring several new valorisations to the market.


Healthcare is subject to many change. Because of the aging population, the number of people with (complex combinations of) diseases will increase. Young people experience more pressure from society which affects their mental health. Technological advances and innovation in healthcare can help society to cope with such changes. FDI therefore believes that stimulation of innovations in the healthcare sector is of great social importance.

Energy Transition

In order to comply with the Paris Agreement the Dutch government formulated the “Energy Agreement”, which bans fossil fuels such as gas, nuclear energy and coal. The goal is to use fully sustainable and 100% renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, biomass and water in the Netherlands by 2050. FDI considers innovations in the energy sector as essential for the successful completion of this transition.

Climate change

The global climate changes and the temperature on earth rises. This is due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change has major consequences for people, nature and the environment. In the near future, many sectors will have to go through radical changes to cope with climate challenges and to prevent further climate change. FDI anticipates that technological development and innovation will play a major role in coping with these challenges.


Gina van der Werf CEO

Michel van Bremen