ProQares tests materials, like clothing and respiratory equipment, that protect against chemical hazards so that military, (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical personnel can work safely.

Protected at work

In its advanced laboratories ProQares tests the protective efficacy of clothing and respiratory equipment against chemical weapons attacks by evaluating the actual (toxic) chemical substances as well as the effects of exposure to heat or flames and the effectiveness of decontamination measures.

Smartman test

ProQares is the first non-American laboratory to carry out the Smartman test. This very demanding test procedure for gas masks uses an anatomically shaped dummy head able to simulate breathing. Sensors around the eyes, nose and mouth enable the mask to be checked for its protective efficacy against mustard gas and sarin.

Medical applications

Some chemicals are deadly in a terrorist attack but other chemicals can actually save lives. Like cytostatics, which are used to kill cancer cells and thus stop rapid cell division. Special gloves protect physicians against these effects. Among other things, ProQares tests whether medical gloves prevent the permeation of cytostatics.

Impact: Only commercial player in this domain in Europe.

Employees: 15
In business since: 08-07-2010

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