Prime Vision

Impact: “Best Sorting Centre Innovation Award 2016”

Prime Vision builds software for the postal and logistics sector. High-tech automation systems provide advanced identification solutions for images and data, with efficiency in postal and logistics processes enabled through constant innovation.

Automatic processing

Prime Vision helps companies operate with the greatest possible efficiency and gain operational advantages through far-reaching automation and customised solutions. Automatic (hand)writing recognition on envelopes and packages, identification of barcodes and written texts on goods in a warehouse and the automatic reading of labels on baggage are just a few examples of Prime Vision’s core technology.


The Mail Match System recently developed by Prime Vision is one of the few sorting platforms that is independent of all hardware. This central operating system of the post-sorting process offers extensive possibilities to individually configure the system and adjust the processes to the “live” situation. The use of big data analyses and Internet of Things solutions even enables the system to predict the future. Prime Vision received an innovation award for this central operating system at the annual trade fair.

Artificial Intelligence

Prime Vision has a separate department for the development of new business opportunities, such as robots and drones controlled by artificial intelligence for sorting packages, the use of NFC labels for tracing a package in the delivery process or the development of a new, smart letterbox. Innovative ideas are tested as proof-of-concepts and pilots in collaboration with customers.

Employees: 92
In business since: 05-01-2004

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