Impact: European market leader

Efectis tests materials for fire safety. As one of the European market leaders in the area of fire tests, inspection, certification and fire safety engineering, Efectis produces results and recommendations for safe areas.

10 ovens, 15 material behaviour facilities

In its advanced facilities Efectis undertakes fire tests for building companies, manufacturers and importers of building products, shipbuilders, Ministry of Defence, inspectorates, energy producers and government departments. These vary from small-scale test to determine the fire category of materials to fire-resistance tests for structures. Efectis also develops fire scenarios. How does fire spread in an area? How fast does the fire spread to other areas and floors? And how does the structure bear up?

20,000 fire tests further

The 2500 or so fire tests carried out by Efectis each year generate not only a test result or accreditation, but also insight into the behaviour of structure and material during a fire. The specialists have learned to ‘read’ a fire and are able to use their considerable experience to reconstruct the course of a fire. In this way Efectis can assist the forensic examination of the causes of fires. Efectis employees regularly act as advisors, arbitrators or expert witnesses.

Testing on site

Efectis also carries out fire tests on site, like Proving tests into the consequences of fire and smoke propagation. Fire tests in buildings, tunnels and in the open air, or particular fires such as pool fires or vehicle fires, can also be carried out on site. A mobile furnace allows tests, including fire-resistance tests, to be performed on parts of structures.


Employees: 170
In business since: 02-05-2006

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