Efectis researches the fire behaviour of products, systems, and constructions as an independent party.

Impact: European market leader

An accredited testing institute for more than 70 years

Efectis has more than 70 years of experience performing small and large-scale fire tests to determine material or structural properties in all conceivable market segments. These include nuclear installations, vehicles and vessels, residential and high-rise buildings, infrastructure and tunnels, industrial storage and waste processing companies, logistics centres and other utility companies.

Working together towards a fire-safe world

At a global level, Efectis is involved in projects. Through its active involvement in many markets, Efectis’ reports are appreciated in an ever-increasing number of countries. Each year, Efectis builds new capabilities within its test laboratories to increase the possibilities of its offering. Using their knowledge of fire physics, Efectis provides custom-made solutions. In addition, Efectis follows the ambitions of its partners and so works in partnership to achieve a fire-safe world.


Employees: >270
In operation since: 02-05-2006

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