Diana FEA

The software of Diana FEA guarantees the safety of buildings, bridges and other structures. Commercial organisations, research institutes and universities from around the world build on the basis of this multifunctional finite elements analysis software.

Constructive through and through

Diana FEA is the company behind the world’s best Finite Elements software. The advanced modelling and calculation functionality has been used to calculate the most advanced and large-scale structures. The stability is guaranteed on the basis of the powerful software not just during and after construction but also for the distant future when the structure ages or is extended.

Extreme stresses

Whatever the weather, a structure has to be able to withstand all conditions. The software enables the distribution of forces to be analysed in cases of extreme stresses like fire or earthquakes. The software program is initially geared to civil engineering, geo-engineering and petroleum engineering but other applications are also possible.

Ongoing development

The best engineers and software developers constantly work on new options in the finite elements analysis software that contains extensive material models, libraries of elements and analysis models, based on the latest and most advanced finite element analysis techniques. The recently developed pre-/post-processor, for instance, contains high-quality modelling possibilities that enable users to build fast and accurate complex models.

Employees: 32

In business since: 01-02-2003

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