Dariuz fosters sustainable employability for employees. The various research methods give organisations a complete picture of the possibilities, talents and limitations of people who are at the periphery of the job market. 

Well-considered re-integration

To get people back to work in a suitable job, reliable information is needed about the employability and work capacity of a person. With this in mind, Dariuz developed research methods for municipalities, social welfare organisations, vocational schools and the like to use to help people get back into the employment process. By doing this, Dariuz helps to professionalise job re-integration.

Thinking in terms of possibilities

Dariuz stimulates thinking in terms of the possibilities rather than the limitations. Using reports based on questionnaires and methodical intervention training, professionals gain insight into the competencies that people can develop. The method proves its worth also for the organisation itself. Consistent use of the method creates an overview of the capacity the organisation has in house, which can serve as a basis for policy and implementation.

Ongoing development

The methodology has been developed in collaboration with partners like TNO, Senzer and Werkzaam Rivierenland with a scientific basis lying in the instruments and questionnaires developed by TNO. Based on experiences and feedback from professionals Dariuz constantly develops and improves the tools. Over 150,000 filled out questionnaires thereby form a key source of information.

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