FDI is a unique valorisation platform active on the cutting edge of science and commerce. Our main objective is to stimulate innovation and employment in the innovative sector in the Netherlands. We focus on the core themes healthcare, energy transition and climate change. FDI puts financial returns in service of social returns and only invests for the long term.

FDI is a Joint Venture between the internationally renowned research institute TNO and the successful entrepreneur Peter Goedvolk. This unique combination between knowledge and entrepreneurship characterises FDI as a valorisation platform and differentiates us from other initiatives. We work closely with knowledge institutes and combine their knowledge with the high-quality technological expertise of our participating interests. In this way we can accelerate the development of innovative companies and bring new valorisations to the market successfully. The public interest always comes first: FDI puts financial returns in service of social returns and only invests for the long term. We protect the high quality, independence and autonomy of our companies and their highly qualified employees, which are essential for achieving our goals.

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ProQares can actively contribute to a solution for the shortage of suitable face masks in this crisis situation. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there is a huge demand for face masks, especially in healthcare. It is therefore important to ensure that suitable face masks are made (quickly) available, that provide the right protection. Accreditation can play crucial a role in this when it comes to demonstrable confidence in the quality and safety of mouth masks.


Animal testing used to be a part of the activities of Triskelion. However, these activities did not fit within FDI’s vision. In 2018, Triskelion was transformed into a more focused and socially responsible organization. The animal testing facilities were divested and if possible replaced by in vitro alternatives. Closing these facilities has in addition resulted in a more sustainable and focused organisation.


VSL develops the national measurement standards of the Netherlands with scientific precision. With these SI units, such as the second and the measurement standard for pressure, VSL provides an essential link for fair trade and innovations in the industry. Through international cooperation with research centres, universities and end-users, VSL contributes to the realisation of innovative techniques ranging from medical applications to biofuels.

Impact: The TIM Company

The TIM Company has developed an artificial gastrointestinal model that can be used to simulate the dynamic conditions in the abdomen and intestines. This makes the TIM a unique system that can replace animal testing in food, medicine and chemical research by a more accurate, faster and cheaper alternative. Several animal testing facilities have now been replaced by TIM systems and we expect to be able to replace many more in the future.