The Tim Company

The TIM Company has developed a unique system that can replace animal testing in food, medicine and chemical research with an artificial model. The TIM offers more accurate, faster and cheaper analysis compared to animal testing and thereby provides a unique alternative to traditional testing.

Gastrointestinal Model

To safely develop products it is important to know whether it is toxic or may cause harm to human health. The TIM Company has developed a patented in vitro gastrointestinal model to artificially simulate the dynamic conditions in stomach and intestines. By offering the TIM in combination with the unique knowledge about the gastrointestinal system of the TIM Company, animal testing in the pharmaceutical and food sector can be replaced. By now, several animal testing facilities have been replaced by TIM-systems and the expectation is that many more will be replaced in the future.

The TIM Company

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In business since: 01-01-2020

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