All products contain chemicals but can they also be guaranteed to be harmless to consumers, as packaging or when touched? Triskelion offers unique, high-tech solutions for studies into the safety of food, drugs and chemicals.

Safety guaranteed

It all seems pretty straightforward; drinking coffee from a plastic beaker, feeding your child from a jar and fetching medicine when you are ill. And so it should be, because all of these products are thoroughly tested in terms of quality and safety. As an independent contract research organisation, Triskelion has been testing and analysing chemical, pharmaceutical, food and biotechnological products for some 30 years, giving producers and consumers the guarantee of safe living.

Effective material

In developing drugs, the search for the right efficacious compound that can be used safely is expensive. Triskelion collaborates with knowledge institutes on new research methods that can provide more security from the very start of the development process and boost the success rate, and enable the pharmaceutical industry to develop more efficiently in terms of both time and costs.

In case of emergency

No matter how strictly companies in the food industry control their processes, something can always go wrong. Triskelion is available 24/7 to investigate the possible causes and consequences of an incident, such as a piece of glass or metal found in food, anomalies in the taste or contamination, or a possible food safety crisis. If required, the analyses and recommendations of experts can be used to take the right measures to prevent such high-risk situations. Each year Triskelion provides solutions and support for relevant incidents worldwide.


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